A proud Latina, USA Today bestselling, Amazon All-Star author Barbara Devlin was born a storyteller, but it was a weeklong vacation to Bethany Beach, Delaware that forever changed her life. The little house her parents rented had a collection of books by Kathleen Woodiwiss, which exposed Barbara to the world of romance, and Shanna remains a personal favorite.

Barbara writes heartfelt historical romances that feature not so perfect heroes who may know how to seduce a woman but know nothing of marriage. And she prefers feisty but smart heroines who sometimes save the hero before they find their happily ever after.

Barbara is a disabled-in-the-line-of-duty retired police officer, and she earned an MA in English and continued a course of study for a Doctorate in Literature and Rhetoric. She happily considered herself an exceedingly eccentric English professor, until success in Indie publishing lured her into writing, full-time, featuring her fictional knighthood, the Brethren of the Coast.

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About the Brethren

brethren scroll

The Brethren of the Coast are a secret society of daring sea captains, Nautionnier Knights, said to have descended from the Order of the Knights Templar, the warriors of the Crusade. Their exploits are widely circulated throughout the seafaring ranks and are often considered exaggerated lore, for there has never been any proof of their existence. It has been rumored, however, that Vice Admiral Nelson, himself, was one of their league.

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